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Here at Elite Jewelers our expert gemologist and on premises designer will help you select an amazing diamond in your price range. Each diamond can be classified by its “4 Cs” — Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight. 

4 C’s – There are four different aspects of a diamond that give the stone its unique characteristics.


The most important element when choosing your diamond is the “cut.” Whatever shape you choose, the quality of the cutting determines its fire or brilliance, and thus, its value. The ideal cut conforms to specific angles and proportions and guarantees you a spectacular balance of brilliance, sparkle and fire.


In order to compare the color of diamonds, each diamond is assigned a position on the color scale. The scale runs from D the most rare and most valuable (will show as white), through Z, which will show a noticeable light yellow. On the scale, D, E, F is the most desirable and expensive because they are considered colorless. Following on the scale are G, H, I that show as nearly colorless. From J to Z there will be an increasing yellowish tint.
Outside this range, diamonds that are “fancy color” can be blue, pink, canary yellow or even red and green.
D-F – Colorless (white)
G-I – Nearly colorless
J-M – Faintly Yellow
N-R – Very Light Yellow
S-Z – Light Yellow to brown


Diamonds usually contain inclusions, or surface blemishes. A diamond free of inclusions is considered “flawless” which is extremely rare and very expensive.
The clarity of a diamond is graded according to the scale below:
F1 (flawless)
IF (internally flawless – minor surface blemishes)
VVS1-VVS2 (very, very slightly included)
VS1-VS2 (very slightly included)
SI1-SI2 (slightly included)
I1-I2-I3 (imperfect – eye visible inclusions)

Carat Weight

Diamond size is measured by carat weight. Each carat is divided into 100 points. A quarter of a carat is 25 points, written as 0.25 and a half a carat is 50 points, written as 0.50, and so on. It is possible that a smaller stone will be more valuable than a larger diamond with inferior characteristics. Carat weight has no bearing on a diamond’s cut, color or clarity.
0.25 carat

0.50 carat

1.00 carat

1.25 carat

1.50 carat

2.00 carat

2.50 carat

3.00 carat